52 Ancestors: Phillippe (De Lannoy) Delano #46

The 52 Ancestors theme for week #46 is “Random fact.”

When I got my Mayflower lineage from my cousin, one of the first surnames I noticed was Delano. “Like Franklin Delano Roosevelt” I thought. According to Wikitree, we are related through Phillippe (De Lannoy) Delano as 6th cousins 3 times removed. Like many descendants of Colonial-era Americans, I am probably related to other U. S. presidents too.

Another interesting fact is that the de Lannoy family were settled in Leiden, the Netherlands at the time of Phillipe’s baptism, but they were not Dutch. Like the Montfoort/Monfort family who settled in New Amsterdam, they were Walloons or French speaking Protestants from an area called Wallonia now split between Belgium and Northern France.