52 Ancestors: Sewards in Knoxville #49

The theme for 52 Ancestor’s 49th week was “Winter.” I was looking through a box of family photos for winter scenes and I found this one:


It’s the house my Seward grandparents lived in Knoxville, Tennessee in the early 1940’s. Like all snow scenes, it looks very peaceful. Then I turned it over and saw this note on the back:


It reads: “Knoxville mountain top home – Medley’s pipes froze – J & A had chicken pox – snow!!!” J & A were my Aunt Jean and my mother Ann. My grandfather Donald was teaching at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville while finishing his PhD and my grandmother was taking care of two young daughters and waiting on a third to arrive.

I also found a photo of Jean and Ann dressed for winter:


Jean is on the left and Ann is on the right wearing that cute pointed hat. They are ready for more snow in the future!