52 Ancestors: Priscilla Mullens #40

Last week’s 52 Ancestors theme was “10.”

Priscilla Mullens was one of my Mayflower ancestors and also one of my 10th Great-Grandmothers. She boarded the Mayflower at age 18 along with her father William, step-mother Alice, brother Joseph, and future husband John Alden. Historians are not sure exactly when John and Priscilla were married, but they think it happened before 1623. They had at least ten children together, perhaps an eleventh child who died in infancy.

I am descended both from their daughter Elizabeth (married William Pabodie) and from their daughter Sarah (married Alexander Standish). The New England Historical and Genealogical Society has more background about Priscilla and her father and her husband John Alden on their 2020 Mayflower anniversary website.